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“The concept of rolling over one's assets sounds simple enough, and therein lies the danger. If it isn't done right, tax penalties can devastate an investment portfolio. Rollover cures the angst and anxiety associated with the process in a simple, easy-to- understand and entertaining format. Well worth the read.” John Sullivan, Editor-in- Chief, 401(k) Specialist Magazine

“There needs to be more education on retirement, more discussion around it and this book helps provide a combination of common sense, case studies, statistics, and insight based on experience that many will find value in.” Richard C. Wilson, CEO of Family Office Club & Wilson Holding Company

“IRAs increasingly are becoming important not so much for new investment contributions but as repositories for money rolled over from 401(k) accounts and other workplace retirement plans. This trend will continue as more baby boomers retire. Yet comparatively little attention is paid to IRAs as rollover destinations, so there’s a need for books like this.” Russ Wiles, Personal finance writer, The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) and